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° Explanatory videos

The video playlist offers the possibility to get acquainted with the eight LeNa-Criteria. Narrations and animations are used to make the delivery of information as user-friendly as possible. The videos are available in English and German

Here you can find all videos on youtube

LeNa Microtrainings - 01: Applied Ethics

LeNa Microtrainings - 05: Integrative approach

° Criteria cube

Here you can download the criteria cube in German and English for crafting. 

° Menu card

With the LeNa menu card, you can visualize the implementation of the LeNa criteria in a project at a glance. The menu card is also part of the LeNa print box.

° Printbox

The LeNa print box contains various print materials that support the implementation of "Research with societal responsibility". There are materials for all levels of knowledge and implementation preferences - from systematic and instructive to creativity-promoting and open. Depending on whether you have a lot of time to devote or little, whether you are acquiring a new project or working on an ongoing project, there should be a suitable tool for every research context.

Click here to download the english version of the print box print template.

For free copies (up to 20 per language) you can contact Marius Deckers or Sabrina Schreiner.

As long as the stock financed by the project lasts.

If you only need part of the material and would like to print it yourself, all print templates (German/English) are also available free of charge from Fraunhofer Publica:

LeNa Printbox - Tool set for use in research activities based on the "Framework for Reflection with Societal Responsibility" published in 2016

° Web companion

The LeNa web companion is an innovative and useful software application and tool that serves as a companion piece to the LeNa Framework for Reflection. The web companion has a user-friendly interface where the user can read information, answer self-evaluation questions and save and manage project-specific data.

Click here for the web companion