Sustainability management in non-university research organisations

Research institutes make their contribution to sustainable development through more than just the results of their scientific work. As essential elements in the innovation system, as employers, and as (partly) publicly funded organisations, they also have a social duty to address their responsibilities towards the environment, towards society, and towards employees in their own research and business processes.

This web-based handout makes it easier to get into sustainability management specifically in the context of research. It discusses the main areas for action, with a focus on the practical side of things, as a guide to adopting existing approaches while explicitly leaving some room for setting individual priorities.

Areas for action


The PDF version of the handout (in German) additionally covers fundamental principles and processes of sustainability management

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Info video

This three-minute video (in German) vividly explains the vision and goals of LeNa as a common basis for responsible action.

Framework for Reflection

This PDF document (in German) provides additional information about socially responsible research.

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Human Resources Management

This PDF document (in German) provides additional information about sustainable human resources management.


4th Symposium "Sustainability In Science" (SISI)

"Is freedom an obligation?! What sustainability means for science"

The question of how sustainability can be implemented in science in concrete terms were discussed by researchers, teachers, administrative staff and students at the 4th Symposium on "Sustainability in Science" (SISI) on 17 July 2018 at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

Five years after the first SISI symposium, the aim of the 2018 conference was to take a critical yet constructive look at the results so far and to discuss perspectives for the future. What new questions have arisen during the implementation of the individual research and practice projects and what are the approaches to solving them? Various workshops provided the opportunity for directly sharing experience.

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